Let's make some games!

It does not matter if it's art, video games or movies, I have always found inspiration in the work of others. Since deciding to pursue game design as a career, I've discovered a different outlook and love for our medium. I am currently enrolled at Full Sail University's Game Design program with an expected graduation date of February 2021.

Because designing games requires special care in crafting an experience for others to enjoy, I make my best effort to try to understand each problem I come across and evaluate, process and eventually apply a solution to that problem. I left the Navy in 2018 and the time that I served allowed me to experience many different challenges, cultures, and environments. As a student in game design, I make sure to put my best into any project that I may be a part of and see it to completion.

I enjoy talking about feedback loops, schema, player motivation - anything game development related for that matter. I have growth mindset and am always looking for new ways to improve.

Want to contact me? Please feel free to send me an email at Timothy.J.Cobb@outlook.com

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