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Marshmallow Exodus is a game that was made during the Global Game Jam in January of 2019.

My contribution to Marshmallow Exodus:

  • Designed level obstacles that players encounter.

  • Assisted artist in placing 3D assets in scene.

  • Designed the players encounters with enemy AI.

  • Created 3D assets.

  • Added programming logic for moving obstacles and falling traps.

Lessons learned:

  • Working in person with a team is such a great experience. While a lot of the members on my team were new to game jams, communicating effectively and often helped us see the project get completed on time.

  • Time crunch was a major factor on the final day. The main issue we ran into was getting our audio working correctly within Unity. Our sound designers used a different plugin for audio and because it was a learning experience, it caused a little slow down but we eventually got it working.

  • Presenting a game to others in person was an amazing opportunity to get feedback and comments. We were asked questions such as why we used marshmallows and how we got the candy shaders to work. Although the entire team felt like we could have done more, the project received positive feedback from the Global Game Jam community after we released it.

Click here to play Marshmallow Exodus!

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