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Equine Escapades is a game that was made during the Extra Credits Game Jam that lasted 3 days in December of 2018.

My contribution to Equine Escapades:

  • I worked closely with our main programmer on game play logic, level design, and rag-doll physics.

  • Added minor scripting for falling bombs.
  • Created some environmental 3D assets for the project.                                                                         

Lessons learned:

  • Since it was my first game jam, and first time working with a group I quickly learned how important scope is. Because our team had major time zone differences, the first day we quickly established how big we wanted the project to be. Once we knew what the scope was, we discussed the "fun" of the project and built around that.

  • We used Unity's built-in collaboration tool for version control. Because it was my first time ever using version control, I learned how important it is to have it as we had to revert back to earlier versions due to some issues with our prefabs.

  • Once we found out what made our project fun, we built around that. We wanted to make sure the horses could roll around and have the rag-doll parts react appropriately. Once we had that in, we built around it with the theme of presents!

Click here to play Equine Escapades!

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