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SCRAPS was a school project where a team of 6 to 8 students had to work together to create a scene composed of multiple levels using Unity. For my level, I chose to make a factory.

During the creation of the project I contributed the following:

  • Modular level design.

  • Asset creation using Blender.

  • Asset texturing using Substance Painter.

  • C# Programming.

  • Level mechanics and puzzles.

Lessons learned:

  • Because this was a team project, we needed to use version control. The project required us to use Perforce as our tool for version control. Due to a lot of us being new to how version control worked, we came upon many issues in which different versions of the project would exist. This was mainly due to working on files that were not checked out of the depot. Luckily everyone on the team had the motivation to learn from mistakes.

  • There came a point in the middle of the project where a new member came on board. We did our best to make sure they were caught up and understood how we were to design the transition between our levels.

  • The team quickly learned that not everyone would be able to make meetings due to work and real-life issues. We mitigated any issues by creating a log of changes that were decided during meetings so everyone could be informed. In the event that someone who had missed the meeting had an issue with what was proposed, they would be able to mark it off in the log and have it be discussed during the next meeting.

  • Perforce itself gave us a lot of issues when it came to submitting our build to the depot. Quite often it would crash and cause us to lose time. We made sure to submit nightly builds so we could always revert in the event a major issue came forward.

Click here to play SCRAPS!

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