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Hello! I'm Tim: Game Designer, World Builder and Problem Solver.




Vile Escape

Vile Escape is a zombie apocalypse top-down shooter. Players explore hand crafted levels while fighting through hordes of zombies to escape the infested area. Deadly zombies that explode and spit pools of acid await the player as they begin their escape.

Level Design  System Design  C# Programming  Research




Museum Heist

Museum Heist is a top-down stealth game. Players take control of Celine and Roy and attempt to steal the valuable treasure inside of a museum while avoiding capture from security. A special exhibit is on display tonight and security has been increased for this heist!

Level Design  System Design  C# Programming

EQ Main.png



Equine Escapades

Equine Escapades is a third-person ragdoll casual game centered around horses and Christmas! Players will take control of a horse of their choice and gather various types of food items to deliver to their friend while dealing with the impossible footing of ice.

Level Design  3D Art  Game Design




Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure

The fourth expansion in the award winning MMORPG Guild Wars 2.

  • Designed and shipped various open world events and collections.

  • Collaborated with environment artists for in world placement of events.

  • Worked with writers to support expansion narrative through open world content.

Open World Event Design  Scripting  Player Achievements  Base Spawning

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