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Vile Escape

Vile Escape is a zombie apocalypse top-down shooter. Players explore hand crafted levels while fighting through hordes of zombies to escape the infested area. Deadly zombies that explode and spit pools of acid await the player as they begin their escape.

Type: School Capstone

Team Size: 10

Genre: Action, Adventure, Top-down

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC

Project Duration: October 2020 - February 2021

Roles and Responsibilities:

Level Design

  • Designed and blocked out the Airfield level.

  • Designed and implemented objectives inside of Warehouse, road and Airfield levels.(e.g., player path, placement of enemies, intractable items and pickups.)

  • Designed and implemented events that prevent player backtracking. (e.g., Falling debris, damage volumes.)

System Design

  • Designed and the objective system. (e.g., Displaying and updating of objective, detecting objective completion.)

  • Assisted team members with the design of weapons and metric balancing such as movement values and damage dealt/received.

  • Designed the Mechanic boss at the end of the Airfield level. (e.g., AI states, damage detection, falling crates.)

C# Programming

  • Scripted logic that handles player actions. (e.g., Player Movement, Shooting, Dodging, and Animation.) 
  • Scripted the Grenade and Molotov mechanics.

  • Scripted the Turret event inside of the airfield.

  • Scripted logic that handles the dynamic changing of the player avatars animation blend tree.

  • Scripted logic that handles the animation states and anticipation of all modeled zombies. (e.g., Exploder zombies exploding after animation reaches specified frame, Spitter zombie spawning spit-ball at specified frame.)


  • Conducted research on other top-down shooters to discover what made them compelling and fun to play.

Museum Heist

Museum Heist is a top-down stealth game. Players take control of Celine and Roy and attempt to steal the valuable treasure inside of a museum while avoiding capture from security. A special exhibit is on display tonight and security has been increased for this heist!

Type: Game Jam

Team Size: 4

Genre: Stealth, Adventure, Top-down

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC

Project Duration: 1 week

Roles and Responsibilities:

Level Design

  • Designed and blocked out the Museum Scene.

  • Designed NPC patrol routes and patrol time.

  • Placed all collectable items in scene

System Design

  • Designed and implemented AI behavior system.

  • Designed and implemented the invisibility system.

  • Expanded security guard AI to respond to obstructions between themselves and the player. (e.g., A wall between the NPC and player.)

C# Programming

  • Scripted display of information via user interface.

  • Scripted logic to handle the rendering of different effects with shaders.

  • Scripted player movement and other player given inputs.

Equine Escapades

Equine Escapades is a third-person ragdoll casual game centered around horses and Christmas! Players will take control of a horse of their choice and gather various types of food items to deliver to their friend while dealing with the impossible footing of ice.

Type: Game Jam

Team Size: 3

Genre: Casual, Third-Person

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC

Project Duration: 3 days week

Roles and Responsibilities:

Level Design

  • Designed the arena that the player is confined in.

  • Created modified collision objects to confine the player to the actionable play space.

3D Art

  • Created various environmental assets used in the scene. (e.g., Rocks, logs, hills and igloo.)

  • Added textures to materials that were used on objects.

Game Design

  • Tweaked the metrics for the spawning bomb mechanics.

  • Implemented audio for music and other sound effects.


Game Design

Level Design

System Design

User Interface Design



Art Skills

3D modeling



Project Management



QA Testing



Version Control


Source Tree




Art Tools


Substance Painter







About Me

When I was young, I was always interested in things that people normally never cared about. In my environment, those things were technology, space and video games. My grandmother was an artist who loved to see the creativity of others; she was also the only person in my family who would entertain my crazy imagination as she would call it. My grandmother is definitely the reason I chose to continue to pursue game design. When she was growing up, those opportunities didn't exist for her and it's that memory that drives me when creating.

While I did have a few games under my belt at the time, I didn't really get immersed into video games until I played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Ocarina of Time was my first 3D gaming experience; it was this game that gave me a heightened feeling of choice and feeling lost in an unfamiliar world with wonky skeletons attacking you at night.

As I got older, I began to expand my horizons on game genres. I never had access to the newest games but whenever I got a new one I would burn through the content in a matter of days. In 2007, I managed to play Fable for the first time and fell in love of the idea of being a hero or villain and having the world respond to decisions you made. It wasn't until I started playing MMOs that I really became interested in the motivations that drive us to play games.

During my time in the Navy, video games were always a topic while we were at sea. There was a specific mobile game everyone played underway called Pacific Fleet Lite. It was a system heavy game that everyone played while waiting in line for chow. It was nice to see a group of 20 sailors all playing the same game and talking strategy while simultaneously simulation battles from World War II on our mobile devices.

I separated from the Navy in 2018 and completed my BS in game design at Full Sail University where I worked on many projects both in and out of school instruction. Since graduating, I've been honing my skills in all facets of game development but specifically focus on design as discovering ways to motivate players to have fun in a project is always an interesting challenge.

My current goal is to find an opportunity to work with some of the industry's most talented developers to create amazing games that can leave memorable experiences for future gamers.

Contact Me

You can contact me via LinkedIn or email.

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